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San Sebastian!!!

We have just spent the last four days in heaven! Well, San Sebastian :-) As a special treat I had pre-booked a beautiful apartment for us (it was our nine year anniversary after all!!). It was soooooo nice. Right on the river on the sixth floor with views out to the ocean. Bliss!
Here is a photo of us on the balcony:
And Ben took another of just me:-)
and a night time shot of our view!
and some of the interior
It was a huge contrast to some of the places we have stayed in lately. Some have been quite yuck! Added bonus was having a kitchen. Such a luxury to be able to cook up some good (healthy) food. Spanish food is great..... but sometimes the grease gets a bit much. We did go out for a great meal in San Sebastian though. And we also found a fantastic bar which we went to for lunch every day!

While we were there the International Film Festival was on, right on our street! So we made sure to go and see a film each day which was great! Samuel L Jackson was there but we missed him. Saw his film though ¨Cleaner¨ which was really good. And we got to go on the red carpet. Woohoo! hehe

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Santander, Castro Urdiales and Bilbao

Some more photos for you all! We have been so busy having a good time that we havnt been able to post very often, so here is a multiple post for the three places mentioned above.

We were lucky enough to snare some sunshine in Santander and visit some of the beautiful beaches there. Since we ventured north we have struck a few days of rain, but I guess you cant have a whole month of perfect weather! Even when it did rain we managed to have a great time as the bars here are so fantastic. We DID find one bar though that has to have a photo posted. Ben was so thrilled to find this place in the middle of Santander old town..... he conjured up the Steve Irwin accent just for this pic
and no....... we did not go and have a fosters!! Instead we walked a few streets over and found this great wine bar. It actually called itself a wine museum. All the walls and the ceiling were covered in really old wine bottles (full of wine!). We managed to have a few glasses aswell :-)

From Santander we travelled along the north coast eastwards to Castro Urdiales. It was a super cute small fishing village. It had some great pincho bars aswell, and we caught a few rays before the rain set in for the night.

We had a great time in Bilbao. Not only did we get to visit the Guggenheim (el goog!) which is an amazing building in a great location, but the city itself was a real surprise. Most people only stay the night and say it is an Industrial town with little to offer, but it is great for walking around and there are some really nice streets and parklands. We took a funicular to the top of a nearby hill and got a great view. Oh yes..... and we also had a fantastic night out in the local plaza which was PACKED with pinchos bars. It was a saturday night and the place was crowded. Lots of Spanish bucks and hens nights seemed to be going on. So here are the pics!
Ben and el goog

Ben IN el goog!

Pincho Pincho Pincho!

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sunny 26 °C

Beautiful seaside fishing village of Ribadesella where we spent three days relaxing and enjoying the sunshine.

Best fun ever! We spent the day canoing down the Sella river through rapids for 16km!!

Mmmmm lunch non-backpacker style! (we break the rules sometimes)

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Leon and Oviedo

sunny 26 °C

Some more photos....

Wine at the modern art gallery in Leon

A great bar we found in Oviedo

Ben enjoying his first serve of Chocolate con Churros. Mmmmmmm Churros

Bike trip out of Oviedo to visit a pre-romanesque church

Boys will be boys!

More riding in Oviedo. A great bike path, which used to be a train line! You even get to go through the tunnels!

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sunny 30 °C

Next stop was Burgos! This was our first stop on the trail of the pilgrims, El Camino de Santiago. There were so many of them! We were suprised though to find so many of them on our bus! I always thought they were supposed to walk. hehehe. Burgos was a beautiful city. Most photos you see of it show its great river, parklands, cathedral and impressive entrance but we have something different to show you.

One of our favourite sights in Spain is in the early evening when the elderly people go out for a walk and to socialise. They are so cool! They never stay home. Here is a photo of one of the chairs in the plaza:

Another cool image is of a wedding we happened to stumble apon. Apparently fireworks are a must in every Spanish wedding. They are so loud!!!

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