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Its been a while since we posted a blog, and we have visited many places since then, so these are going to be short but sweet! Logroño definately deserves its own blog though. This was one place we were definately looking forward to visiting. It is in the hear of La Rioja, one of Spains premiere wine districts. It is most well known for its reds, so Ben was very happy to be visiting. The town itself was a delight! It was really beautiful, and it was here that we enjoyed our best ever tapa crawl night out! There is some seriously good food and wine to be had.

One of the first stops of the night was here:
Fantastic Pinchos Morunos washed down with vino

Next Stop!
A view of the street:
There was a block of three streets just packed with tapa bars!
And to end the night, the BEST tortilla in Spain. Sooooo good. This place was heaving!

Logroño also had free city bikes, so we made use of those during the day :-)

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Hi Everyone!

An update, and some more photos from Zaragoza Spain. Zaragoza was full of suprises. At first sight it did not appeal to us all that much. Its a very big city, EXTREMELY hot and not as ´pretty´as some of the other places we have visited. But on closer inspection it had quite a bit to offer. The main tourist attraction here is the Basillica de Nuestra Señora del pillar. Here is a view from the top:
Pilgrims come here to kiss the stone which apparently the Virgin Mary touched. We didnt do this... but we did climb to the top and had a very windy experience!

One of the best things about Zaragoza is all of the little plazas that can be found if you walk through the maze of streets. We had a great one just outside of the pension we were staying at.
A great spot to enjoy a beer on a hot afternoon. Also a good time for people watching, as everyone goes out around 5pm for drinks and socialising. Including the kids! They play all night on the streets till about midnight.

We had our first real tapa crawl night in Zaragoza. It was great! First we found this fantastic place that only serves sardines. It was really cheap and a great feed.
This was followed by a trip to the famous tapa street in Zaragoza. Here is a photo of the two most popular places. They were both packed when we got there!
First up we had mussels, which werent really very good. Then we went to the calamari place which specialises in fried calamari ring sandwiches doused in a bucket of mayonaise style sauce. We opted out on the sandwich, but had the calamari. It was really good, but made us feel sick afterwards! hehehe

Zaragoza also had a nice market
and the Aljaferia, which was a Muslim palace in its time
We also discovered here that Ben goes craaaazy during siesta! He really was ready for his next beer here

The best thing ever happened on our last day when we had a few hours to kill before going to catch our next train. I saw some people dressed up walking down the street and was wondering what they were doing when all the sudden there were heaps of them! It turned out to be the International Folk Festival and we got to watch a great parade with music and dancing. Lots of countries were represented, but sadly not Australia. We were tempted to break out the didgeridoos but alas we left them at home. The costumes were really beautiful and full of colour and it was really cool to see. The streets were lined with locals young and old who wanted to catch a glimpse of what was going on.

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Ben and I are currently in a town about 1 hour south of Barcelona on the coast.....Tarragona! We came here mainly to fuel my obsession with Roman history (there are lots of ruins here) but it turned out to have a lot more to offer as well. We have been here two days now and leave tommorow. I went swimming in the med today and it was soooo good. The beaches are nothing compared to what we have in Oz but the water is so nice and the perfect temperature. The best thing about the beach today was that when you are in the water swimming you look back towards the town and there is a Roman amphitheatre right on the beach! So cool! We are finally getting into holiday mode and taking things slowly. Its great for that here as there are heaps of hidden plazas to enjoy a beer in the sun, or the shade. We have been having great fun just wandering through the old medieval streets finding new plazas and admiring the architecture. There is a healthy bar scene here too and we are off for tapas tonight!
Placa de la Font, Tarragona

Lunch in a wine bar in Tarragona

Rishi swimming in the Med!

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Arrival in Barcelona!

No more planes...

sunny 30 °C

It took us 35 hours in transit but we are finally here and soooo glad to be off the plane(s)! We have been in Barcelona for three days now and have only just got over the jet lag today. Its so nice here though that it is impossible not to enjoy yourself, even if you are jet lagged! We have had three perfect days in the sunshine and have one more before we set off down the coast with our backpacks. We have really set ourselves up well here. We have a great apartment right in the middle of things. It has a fantastic balcony that looks out over a great little street in the El Born area. Each morning we get up and have breakfast on the balcony in the sunshine followed by a stroll to the market where we have coffee (yum!) and fresh baked goodies. We have been enjoying buying local meats and cheeses and having picnics in the sun, drinking plenty of beer and enjoying the night life. Last night we went out in true Barcelona style. We stayed at the apartment drinking and snacking on tapa till 8.30pm before heading out to some bars. They do things late here! Even at that time there werent very many people out. We had a great meal in a tapa bar just around the corner from where we are staying. It is in a little side street, just perfect. We went on a bit of a bar crawl after that and by the time we were heading home there were finally lots of people out on the streets! We are loving our second trip to Barcelona. We saw most of the sights last time round so this time it is more about hanging out and enjoying the cafes, restaurants, bars and great weather. Hope you are all well. We are having a great holiday!!!


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